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Syria Reports Israeli Attack near Damascus Outskirts

Syria Reports Israeli Attack near Damascus Outskirts

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Syrian Defense Ministry revealed an early morning assault by the Israeli regime on the outskirts of Damascus, marking a string of recent strikes in the region.

A spokesperson from the Syrian Defense Ministry disclosed that the Israeli regime launched a missile attack on Damascus's periphery, originating from the occupied Golan Heights. The strike caused material damage to specific areas within the capital.

The source detailed the assault, stating, "At 4:35 AM on Tuesday (local time), the Israeli enemy initiated an airstrike from the occupied Golan Heights, targeting rural areas of Damascus, resulting in noticeable material damage."

Over the past week, the Israeli regime has executed multiple missile attacks on airports in Damascus and Aleppo, leading to significant material harm at both locations.

The increase in Israeli attacks on Syria follows the Tel Aviv regime's bloody assault on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

After Hamas launched the surprise operation against the occupying entity in response to the Israeli regime's decades-long campaign of bloodletting and devastation against Palestinians, Israel launched the war on Gaza on October 7.

According to the Gaza-based health ministry, Israeli strikes killed nearly 22,000 Palestinians, including over 6,500 children and 4,000 women. Many more people are believed to be dead beneath the rubble.

Tel Aviv has also imposed a "complete siege" on Gaza, cutting off fuel, electricity, food, and water to over two million Palestinians.

Israel regularly strikes military installations inside Syria, particularly those affiliated with Hezbollah, the Lebanese resistance organization that has been instrumental in aiding the Syrian army in its conflict with terrorists supported by foreign powers.

Few people have commented on Israel's attacks on Syrian territory, which many view as a hasty response to the Syrian government's achievements in fighting and eliminating terrorism.

Since the foreign-backed militancy broke out in Syria, Israel has been one of the main sponsors of terrorist organizations that oppose President Bashar al-Assad's democratically elected administration.


This article was published in Tasnim News Agency and is republished here under a creative commons license.


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